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Armor (Studded leather), Legendary (Requires attunement)

Description : Killing can be a messy endeavor, especially when using small blades. Sometimes when armor soaks in the essence of mortals for too long a demon can be born though this is extremely rare. It has one purpose, to protect its master. The armor looks as if it was cover in fur from a lion's mane though actually being blood that has a gel-like consistency it is and studded with congealed blood-iron. When activated two studs in the center turn yellow and a ghostly, gnarly, jagged grin appears. It increases AC by + 2 and the master of this armor is immune to being frightened.

Obtaining : The only way to obtain a Mane is to kill thousands of creatures. The more powerful creatures one kills is the better their chances are of obtaining a Mane. The wearer can never be good and especially not lawful good such a thing would revile having such a pitiful master and would slowly corrupt them to be something more evil. Manes would find the irony of a thing devoted to good donning the Mane a disgustingly hilarious.

Abilities : The armor has 3 abilities of which only one can be used safely per long rest after which the masters maximum hit points is decreased by D6 per each ability used:

The Toothy Grin : Up to three chosen creatures see the wearers face turn into smiling manticore and has to make a DC 16 Wisdom saving throw otherwise they are frightened.

The Thorny Hide : Small spines grow out of the studs adding 30 temporary hit points when the master is attacked within melee range, the spines return the favor attacking for 10 damage. After thirty damage the effect dissipates.

The Spiny Tail : 3 manticore spines grow on the master's melee weapon which can be used to make three ranged attacks to do a D8 of damage for each one that hits. The modifier that is added depends on what weapon it is attached to.

Sentience : a Mane is chaotic evil, has an 19 (+4) for Wisdom, 14 (+2) for Intelligence, and a 20 (+5) for Charisma. A Name has hearing and darkvision out to 120 feet. Speaks only it's masters native language and speaks directly into their mind. A Mane will rarely speak to anyone else but it's master.

Personality : A Manes personality is very protective over it's master but submissive to him and suspicious of all others. It will warn it's master of anything it believes is a threat unless told explicitly that someone or something is not. If a master is good a Mane will corrupt them turning them into something more respectable, something evil.

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