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Armor (plate), very rare (minor) (requires attunement)

Plate armor that aids in movement and speech.

Dexterous While wearing this armor, your AC is calculated as 16 + your Dexterity modifier, maximum of +3. Furthermore, you do not suffer disadvantage on Dexterity (stealth) checks while attuned.

Articulated While attuned to this armor, you gain proficiency in one language. Roll a d20 to determine the language.

Language Proficiency
d20 Language
1 Abyssal
2 Aquan
3 Auran
4 Celestial
5 Deep Speech
6 Draconic
7 Dwarvish
8 Elvish
9 Giant
10 Gnomish
11 Goblin
12 Gnoll
13 Halfling
14 Ignan
15 Infernal
16 Orc
17 Primordial
18 Sylvan
19 Terran
20 Undercommon

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