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Armor (half plate), Legendary (Requires attunement by a barbarian)

The god Mikon created the armor for his son Balgar, the first of the wemic race. He imbued it with his fortitude. The armor was passed down from father to son over many generations. As long as the wearer of the armor stays true to the teachings of Mikon, they receive the blessings of Mikon. The half plate armor is made of a rare metal not found on the material plane.

Mikon's Blessing of Fortitude Receive a +2 to AC and +2 to CON

If wearing and attuned to whole set (Amulet of Balgar, Balgar's Ring and Balgar's Armor), receive an additional +2 to AC and +2 to CON (in addition to the 'Mikon's Blessing of Fortitude')

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