Armor of the Phoenix (5e Equipment)

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Armor (Any heavy armor), Legendary (Requires attunment of a Phoenix Knight)

This armor is like the world has never seen. The armor was crafted from the burning flames of a dying poenix and the crafters of this armor used adamantine to make the armor strong enough to hold the phoenix within. The helmet is a perfect fit to any head and is in the shape of a phoenix head. The armor can fit anyone because of its magical properties it shrinks or grows to the wearers specific size to fit them perfectly. This Armor is the only one of its kind and its said who ever dons the armor becomes the ultimate Phoenix Knight. With adamantine in the armor any critical attack that hits you is a normal attack. This armor gives you +5 to your ac as well as what the armor already has. this armor makes you immune to fire damage. Depending on the heavy armor type, if it is 17 ac or lower add your con modifier to the ac as well.

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