Armor of the Druid (5e Equipment)

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Armor (ring mail), legendary (requires attunement by a druid)

Like interlacing roots, the Armor of the Druid was clearly shaped by masters. Even though they remain uprooted, the armor yet still grows leaves and pulses with deep green energy. While you wear this armor, you have a +1 bonus to your AC, and you aren't negatively affected for not being proficient in heavy armor while wearing this, if you can attune to this item.

Life Overflowing. While concentrating on a druid spell, your AC increases by 3. Additionally, when you Wildshape, you can carry over the AC of your normal form.

Full Circle. Whenever you take damage, at the start of your next turn, you gain 5 temporary hitpoints. You can only gain these hitpoints once per turn.

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