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Armor (shield), legendary (requires attunement)

This ancient shield was said to belong to a paladin of a long forgotten wind god. The shield has the remarkable ability to absorb any electricity that connects with it and covert it into magical energy. This shield has 12 charges and regains 1d10 + 2 charges every day at dawn.

Lightning Absorption When an attack that deals electric damage hits the wielder, as a reaction, you can a DC 10 Constitution saving throw. On success, the attack is nullified and its damage is stored in the shield. The wielder may then add this damage to any melee attack they make within an hour. The shield may only store one instance of damage at a time, and if the wielder attempt to absorb another

Shield Bash You may use this magical shield as an melee weapon which deals 1d8 bludgeoning and 1d8 lightning damage.

Charge When you hit a creature with the shield bash attack, you may expend 1 of the shield's charges to add 1d8 + 1 lightning damage and 1d8 thunder damage to the damage roll of the attack.

Lightning Field As an action, the wielder can expend 3 charges to create a field of electricity in a 15ft radius around them for 1 minute. Creatures that enter this field take 1d12 lightning damage and if the creature is Medium or smaller, it must make a DC 15 Constitution saving throw or be knocked prone.

Lightning Throw As an action, the wielder can expend 3 charges to cast the lightning bolt spell with a spell save DC of 17.

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