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Wondrous Item (Handheld Mirror), rare

A Handheld Mirror of Life Trapping is a small handheld mirror about a foot long and weighs only a pound or two. When the mirror is viewed indirectly, its surface shows faint images of a creature. It has AC 9, 6 Hit Points, and vulnerability to bludgeoning damage. It shatters and is destroyed when reduced to 0 Hit Points. If you are holding onto the mirror, you can use an action to speak its Command Word and activate it. It remains activated until you use an action to speak the Command Word again, even if you are dead.

Any creature other than you that sees its reflection in the activated mirror while within 20ft feet of it must succeed on a DC 15 Charisma saving throw or be trapped, along with anything it is wearing or carrying, into the mirror;s extradimensional cell. This saving throw is made with advantage if the creature knows the mirror's Nature, and constructs succeed on the saving throw automatically. The extradimensional cell is an infinite expanse filled with thick fog that reduces visibility to 10 feet. Creatures trapped in the mirror's cells don't age, and they don't need to eat, drink, or sleep. A creature trapped within a cell can escape using magic that permits Planar Travel. Otherwise, the creature is confined to the cell until freed. If the mirror traps a creature but its extradimensional cell is already occupied, the mirror frees the trapped creature in order to accommodate the new prisoner. A freed creature appears in an unoccupied space within sight of the mirror but facing away from it. If the mirror is shattered, the creature inside the mirror is free and appears in unoccupied spaces near it.

While holding the mirror, you can use an action to speak the name of the creature trapped inside. The creature named appears as an image on the mirror's surface. You and the creature can then communicate normally. In a similar way, you can use an action to speak a second Command Word and free the creature trapped within the mirror. The freed creature appears, along with its possessions, in the unoccupied space nearest to the mirror and facing away from it.

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