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Wondrous Item, legendary (requires attunement)

Once, a poor knight happened upon a powerful dark entity within a bloodied red cape and with it's power, he drew from it and burdened himself with the dark consequences, his body was warped, and his blood turned a dark red. He drew upon its dark power one to many times and the dark power with the simple cape ate away at his humanity and turned him into a mindless husk of his former self. The long, red cape is split in half, and seems to be it's own living thing.

When you take an Attack action and attack with melee weapon, you can use a bonus action to attack with with the cape. The cape is a simple melee weapon and you are proficient in its use, and on a hit it inflicts 1d6 necrotic damage.

Curse: Blood Sigil. When your take 10 or more damage, you can call upon the power of the dark red blood to bolster your attack, adding 4d8 psychic damage to melee weapon attacks, this effects will wear off at the end of combat. Beware, when blood is called upon, the Blood Sigil will make it's mark on your torso, creating a ulcer in your flesh that will grow bigger and bigger with each use of the blood. Every time the blood is used, upon the next dawn you will lose 3 HP of your hit point maximum. The Blood Sigil will never heal completely, but its effects can be reversed by the use of greater restoration All though your body will remained scarred as a reminder of the items dark power.

If you use this item 7 times, you will be afflicted with a deep compulsion to the Research the dark entity within the cape and your dreams are haunted by visions of a dark abyss and a dull glowing dark crimson heart. You feel your mind begin to slip and become not of your own wholely and strangely addicted to the power of the cape (reduce your wisdom by 1) . The cape now deals 4d10 phychic damage. You are no longer able to take off the cape.

If you use this item 12 times, you will be afflicted with the overpowering need to know what the entity is and the visions of the heart become closer and more vivid as you see it begin to beat. You feel you emotions drain away from you and you feel nothing now except a deep obsession with the soul. Your mind slips further and your addiction stronger (reduce your wisdom by 1 again total of 2). the cape now deals 4d12 psychic damage .

If you use this item 17 times, you feel nothing and you now know the entity within the cape is an ancient dark hunger that thirst for the life of the living, you need to know the name of the being that is going to inevitably take you and the visions now place you in front of the heart where you can see a form in the centre and terrible twisted form that imbodies all of the pain, wrath, sadness and darkness of mankind. You mind slips even further and your addiction is now to the point of self destruction. (Reduce your wisdom by 2 total of 4)

If you use it an 18 times the cape consumes your humanity and leaks black blood from you body onto the floor within 15ft dealing 4d20 necrotic damage to everything living around it as it drags them into the darkness. Your body now devoid of your humanity is now a husk and uses your stats, now attacking friend and foe alike the cape always active. The last thing you see is a beast tearing its way out of the heart and unfolding a set of wings and flying into the darkness dripping dark black blood. If the greater restoration spell is used it only returns your Hit points to normal but it will not reverse the permanent effects of the blood-stained cape.

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