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Wondrous Item (Clockwork), very rare

An Alchemical Animorpher is a brass surgical table with a complex series of clockwork gears and contraptions underneath. Also underneath the table are a series of cylindrical vials filled with different colored liquids. These vials have been identified to represent different species of animals, with a vial for each gender of each species. No mater how much it is used, the vials always seem to be fully stocked. These tables were created by a deranged inventor who was skilled in both alchemy and engineering who reveled in his ability to turn normal creatures into something else.

Alchemical Injection. When a humanoid comes into contact with the table, a series of clockwork appendages will be released from the table and attempt to grab them. The humanoid must make either a DC 14 Strength or Dexterity saving throw to escape from the arms. On a success, they successfully avoid the appendages which will retract back into the table. If the Humanoid get back within 5ft of the table, the clockwork appendages will attempt to grab the humanoid again, forcing them to repeat the saving throw. On a failure, they will be pulled onto the table and brass clamps will fasten around their arms, legs and neck. Clockwork arms will then extend out of the base with multiple surgical tools. Over the next minute, they will inject it with various chemicals and surgically prepare the humanoid which will sedate the subject, prevent the subject from going into shock and to make sure that the body does not reject the transformation. During this minute, the humanoid may be freed if a creature on the outside succeeds on a DC 21 Strength saving throw or the contraption is successfully disabled with thieves tools (DC 21). Once the minute is up and the subject has been properly prepared, One of the arms will randomly select one of the colored vials and insert it into one of the syringes, which will then be injected into the humanoid. Once the injection is complete, the clamps will release and the humanoid will be set free. If the humanoid comes within 5ft of the table again, the table will once again activate. Each time will change their appearance even more. After being subjected to the table three times, the humanoid will take on the appearance and functions of the creature completely.

Over the next 1d4 days, the humanoid will show severe physiological changes associated with the vial they were injected with. Changes include Skin coloration, growth of hair, growth of additional organs, elongation of the face, growth of the epidermis, muscle fortification, bone fortification, tooth elongation, gender specific organs, and in some cases, additional limbs. Additional appendages other than the arms and legs that are not related to the animal type they were injected with will also recede into the body (ex. Wings, tails, horns). The brain of the humanoid is also not changed. The humanoid will lose the benefits provided by its former race and will gain benefits from the animal traits it adopts such as wings, increased Strength/Dexterity/Constitution and increased senses.

There are multiple ways to revert the transformation. During the transformation, a Greater Restoration spell may be cast which will revert the humanoid back to normal in 1d4 hours. If the humanoid has finished its first transformation, a Resurrection spell is needed to return them to normal. If the person has been fully transformed, the only way to bring them back is with a wish spell. The final way to restore a person can only work if they have come into contact with the table only once of twice. When both the affected humanoid and another being of its former race are both in close proximity to the table, the appendages will grab both of them. The tabletop will slide over and reveal another. The arms will then connect a series of tubes between the two and the blood from one will move to the other and vice verse. The affected creature will slowly transform back to its original form over the course of 1d4 days and the unaffiliated person will take on their burden and begin to transform.

(The following passage is an excerpt from the research notes of Emari Shinelle, a researcher and alchemical expert working at the Arcane Identification Agency (A.I.A.): Magical Item Branch. AIA is responsible for identifying and recording unknown magical creatures and objects for public knowledge.)

The Agency came to discover Object-3411 when a report was received of strange animal-like humanoid roaming around town. The were assumed to be lycanthropes and a strike team was sent to investigate. Their search led them to the basement of a inventor's workshop. His apprentice, a young halfling male, had come across Object-3411 on a supply run. He then hid it behind a hidden bookself in the basement where he would experiment on humanoid victims. In the ensuing fight, the young halfling took his own life by drinking a bottle of poison and all creatures produced by Object-3411 were put down out of concerns for safety. During analysis, the table appeared to be the only anomalous object in the room and it was successfully transported to an A.I.I. testing facility without incident. Subjects were then brought in to study Object-3411's effects.

The first subject, now referred to as Subject-3411-1, was a 39 year old human male who was apprehended after attempted kidnapping of a local noblemen's young child. Test went as follows:

Test Log 1:

Procedure. Subject-3411-1 enters testing chambers and was successfully injected with a chemical pertaining to a male housecat. Subject-3411-1 did not show any physical changes until approximately 36 hours after initial injection.

Results: Growth of grey/black striped fur all along the body, slightly elongated face, whiskers, ears relocated to the top of the head and shaped appropriately, eyes resembling that of a cat, coccyx growth with hair resulting in a 3 ft tail. Subject's nails became retractable clear claws.

Analysis. Subject-3411-1 reported better senses, including hearing, smell, and taste. Subject-3411-1 is partially colorblind, but with dramatically increased sight in darkness. Subject-3411-1's tail allows it to balance better.

The next subject, now referred to as Subject-3411-2, was a 26 year old Tiefling female who was arrested after the sacrificing of multiple humanoids to the Demon Lord Graz'zt. Test went as follows:

Test Log 2.

Procedure. Subject-3411-2 resists guards entering testing chambers and was successfully injected with a chemical pertaining to a male grey wolf. Subject-3411-2 did not show any physical changes until approximately 27 hours after initial injection.

Results. Growth of cream fur all around the body, elongation of face, ears relocated to the top of the head, resembling that of a Grey Wolf, subject's nails become non-retractable black claws. Breasts shrank into the body and a masculine voice change is recorded. Subject-3411-2's horns receded into their skull and their thin tail receded into their torso before new coccyx growth with accompanying hair.

Analysis. Subject-3411-2 reported better senses, including hearing, smell and taste and Subject-3411 reports a strong craving for red meat. Subject-3441-2 experiences great distress due to being made a male, and asked to return to her original body as soon as possible, but no cure has yet been identified for the transformation.

The next subject, now referred to as Subject-3411-3, was a 171 year old Duergar male who was arrested after releasing several dangerous entities into town. Test went as follows:

Test Log 3.

Procedure. Subject-3411-3 enters testing chambers and was successfully injected with a chemical pertaining to a male carp. Subject-3411-2 did not show any physical changes until approximately 38 hours after initial injection.

Results. Growth of green fish scales all over Subject-3411-3' body, elongation of face, loss of hair, ears receding into the skull, loss of eyelids, eyes bulging out and relocating to the sides of the head, receding of neck, large fin protruding from the back, fingers grew together and arms partially receded into the torso, development of gills and respective carp reproductive organs for a male of the species. Subject-3411-3's legs fused together and the feet grew out into a large fin.

Analysis. Subject-3411-3 was only able to survive outside of water for a short period of time (approximately 1 hour, hinting that the subject may still have lungs) before having to be put in saltwater. Due to the lessening of the jaw bones and the vocal cords, Subject-3411-3 had trouble vocalizing.

The next subject, now referred to as Subject-3411-4, was a 28 year old Human female who was arrested after a raid on a local thieves guild. Test went as follows:

Test Log 4.

Procedure. Subject-3411-4 enters testing chambers and was successfully injected with a chemical pertaining to a female cow. Subject-3411-3 did not show any physical changes until approximately 72 hours after initial injection.

Results. Subject-4311-4 began increasing in size. After size increments, subject was measured and showed that Subject-3411-4 had grown 50% larger in height, length, width, volume, and mass. About one hour after measuring, subject began to grow short white fur with black spots. Subject-3411-4's ears lengthened, and Subject-3411-4's face elongated. A short tail, about 6", grew from the Coccyx with a tuft of hair at the end. Subject-3411-4's breasts became 50% larger than regular, even after previous enlargement, and grew an extra pair of breast under the first. Nipples elongated and toughened to allow milk production and secretion, as well as several additional mammary glands in enlarged breasts, turning pink in the process. The breast then relocated to Subject-3411-3's pelvis. Subject-3411-4's hands turned a shade of grey/black, and were toughened considerably. Subject-3411-4's feet turned into hoofs of a regular dairy cow. Subject's thighs turned into the hindquarters of a cow. Subject-3411-4's stomach split into three, and they became able to metabolize common grass, which seemed to have more nutrition to Subject-3411-4 than any other food.

Analysis. Subject-3411-4 showed an increase of strength and a craving for grass. Subject can produce milk and is required to undergo milking every feeding time to prevent diseases and inflammation. It is recorded that when deprived of milking, Subject-3411-4's breasts swell in size considerably. Despite having hoofs for feet, subject can walk as a normal biped, and subject's hindquarters do not slow them down.

The next subject, now referred to as Subject-3411-5, was a 376 year old Drow female who was arrested after a series of gruesome murders in which she specifically targeted elves. Test went as follows:

Test Log 5.

Procedure. Subject-3411-5 enters testing chambers and was successfully injected with a chemical pertaining to a honeybee. Subject-3411-3 did not show any physical changes until approximately 51 hours after initial injection.

Results. Subject-4311-5 grew black and yellow hairs all over the body, lips hardened and turned into mandibles, nose and ears receded into the skull, being replaced with extremely sensitive cilia that can pick up sounds, two antennae grew out of their forehead, their eyes turned completely black, relocated to the side of their head and increased in size, subject grew thin, bug-like wings from their upper back but are unable to move them and Subject-3411-5's legs and arms thinned severely, and developed a second joint. Despite this, Subject-3411-5 can still stand upright. Two small protrusions grew out of the victim's sides and the anus began to central into one point. The anus, after achieving centralization, slightly bloated and lengthened, but didn't grow into a full abdomen.

Results. Despite lacking ears and a nose, Subject-3411-5 still reacts to sound and smell. Subject-3411-5 will occasionally have trouble keeping balance on 2 legs due to the increase weight in the lower torso and they have trouble vocalizing due to the lack of lips, a tongue and a proper voice box.

The next test was to study Object-3411's effects if reintroduced to an already transformed subject. Subject-3411-1 was brought in for the test. Test went as follows

Test Log 6.

Procedure. Subject-3411-1 was reintroduced into the testing chamber and was successfully injected with the same vial pertaining to a male house cat. Subject-3411-1 did not show any physical changes until approximately 19 hours after initial injection.

Results. Subject-3411-1 began to shrink in size. They also began to develop a more feline form. Subject-3411-1 was no longer able to stand on their hind legs do to the bending of the spine and their thumbs receded into the hand. The subject still retained a slightly humanoid form.

Analysis. Subject-3411-1 was no longer able to vocalize do to the changes in their vocal cords. They showed a great increase in Dexterity and were now completely colorblind.

Subject-3411-1 was reintroduced to Object-3411 one last time. This time, they shrunk to the size of a normal house cat, had a completely feline form and had all of the corresponding feline organs. Subject-3411-1 still retained all of their cognitive abilities and intelligence, other than the fact that they are more easily distracted and more curios than before.

Upon further analysis, it was discovered that Object-3411 had a secondary function. it had the parts for a second table and tools meant for blood transfusions. The leading theory was that this was meant to transfer the effects of Object-3411 from one being to another. To test this, Subject-3411-2 was brought in along with another subject, now designated as Subject-3411-7, who was a 35 year old Tiefling male who was arrested after robbing and burning down a bakery. Test went as follows:

Test Log 7.

Procedure. Upon both Subjects coming near Object-3411, it produced a second table. Both Subjects were then bound to the tables and a series of tubes were connected between them. Blood from one started moving to the other and vice versa. After one minute, the blood stopped going thru and both Subjects were released from the table. Subject-3411-2 did not show any physical changes until approximately 21 hours after initial injection and Subject-3411-7 did not show any physical changes until approximately 23 hours after initial injection.

Results. Subject-3411-2 began shedding all of their fur, revealing their log black hair and deep red skin. Their tale then grew back to its normal length and appearance. Their ears relocated to the sides of their head, the face compressed , and their horns grew back from their skull. Subject-3411-2 then regrew her breasts and other respected female organs. her voice then returned to its normal state.

Subject-3411-7 underwent the same transformation that Subject-3411-2 went before.

Object-3411 and all Subject-3411-#s are all still in A.I.A. containment. Two more instances of Object-3411 have been confiscated by the agency and more humanoid who have been transformed by its properties. These include humanoids partially turned into a raven, a turtle, a snake and a snail. A strange signature has been identified on all three instances of Object-3411. Research into this entity is ongoing.

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