Belt of Unfortunate Female Encounters (3.5e Equipment)

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Belt of Unfortunate Female Encounters: This girdle appears upon inspection to be a belt of giant strength +2, but when donned the belt has some unexpected side effects. Instead of granting a Strength bonus, the girdle changes the wearers gender to the female sex. This usually has no effect on most gameplay mechanics, but can be quite disturbing. One could be more specific with the girdle's effects, but such things are best left to the imagination. Once is put on, the Gender Bender cannot be removed unless the wearer dies, the belt is destroyed, or is taken and worn by someone else willingly. The wearer also has the misfortune to get a -2 to Str and grapple checks. Male foes are drawn to the wearer more than others in the party.

Strong Transmutation;CL CL 20th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor; bestow curse, alter self; Cost 100 gp; Market Price: 200 gp

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