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Wondrous Items

Name Market Price Body Slot Weight CL Aura School
Acidic Ring 60,000 GP 15th
Adapter Necklace Not buyable. 2 lb 5 Moderate transmutation
Alchemical Armband 17,500 gp 5 10 Moderate transmutation
Alchemical Quiver 2000 gp — (Worn) 2 lbs 3rd Faint transmutation; DC 15
Alchemist's Bag of Tricks 3,000 6lb. Weak, Moderate or Strong conjuration
Amulet of Devilbane 12,000 gp Neck 1 lbs 3rd Moderate Abjuration; DC 15
Amulet of Mental Faculty 10,000 gp (+2), 48,000 gp (+4), 110,500 gp (+6) Neck 1 lbs 12th Strong Transmutation; DC 21
Amulet of Self-Discovery 30,000 gp Neck 11th Moderate Divination
Amulet of Self-replification 1,500,000 gp Neck 1 20th Strong conjuration
Amulet of Sweet Rage 12,000 GP 10
Anti-Giant Grenade
Anti-Personnel Grenade
Anti-Personnel Mine
Anti-Traction Material
Apprentice's ßlessed Book of Cantrips
AracanaNet Tablet 20,000 gp <!-Caster level for creation-->
ArcanaNet Tablet
Arcane Cestus
Arm of Moradin 55,300gp No Slot - 11th Moderate; (DC18) Divination
Arm of War (Warforged Component)
Armbands of Sao
Armlets of Escaping
Artificer Battery Pack
Assassin's Bracers Type I 4 lbs Type II 2 lbs Type III 3 lbs Type IV 9 15th level Moderate abjuration, divination, illusion
Assassin's Coat
Attuned Blood
Attuned Sand
Bag of Bags 750 gp 1/2 lb. 3rd Weak Conjuration
Bag of Beanie Weenies
Bag of Energy Bullets
Bag of Many Bullets
Bag of Metal Bullets
Bag of Vermin
Banner Ring
Banner Ring of the Undead Lord
Barrel of Monkeys
Beast Costume
Bedroll of Levitation
Bells of the Necromancer
Belt of Bodily Mastery 6,000 gp 1 5th Weak evocation
Belt of Great Prowess
Belt of Merfolk Kind
Belt of Mobility
Belt of Potion Holding
Belt of Retribution
Belt of Unfortunate Female Encounters 100 CL 20th Strong Transmutation
Belt of the Centaur
Binding Stone
Black Ring of Morpheus 3000 gp 0.5 10 Moderate Enchantment
Blackflare Helm
Blur Cloak
Bookmark of Metamagic Preparation 10,000gp for one metamagic feat, 17,500 for two, and +5,000 for each additional metamagic feat -- 7th Weak (no school)
Boots of Running 3,000 gp 1st Weak Transmutation
Boots of Zen Travel
Boots of the Ranger
Boots of the Swift Step
Boots of the Wandering Spirit 123,020 gp 1 4 Strong illusion, transmutation
Bottle of Wind 81,000gp No Slot 2 9th Moderate; (DC 20) Transmutation
Bottomless Quiver
Box of Secrets
Boxes of Orden Box One: 5lbs, Box Two and Three: 7lbs Can not be re-created Strong abjuration, conjuration, divination, enchantment, evocation, illusion, transmutation
Bracelet of Shielding 2,000–32,000 gp N/A 7th Moderate abjuration
Bracers Of Mercy 12,000 gp Arms 3 9th Moderate Transmutation
Bracers of Insightful Defense
Bracers of Shielding 1000 gp (+1), 4000 gp (+2), 9000 gp (+3), 16000 gp (+4), 25000 gp (+5), 36000 gp (+6), 49000 gp (+7), 64000 gp (+8) Arms 1 7th Moderate; DC 16 Abjuration
Broach of Cleanliness
Brooches of Shielding 12,100gp Throat Slot 1 3rd Weak Transmutation
Bucket of Everfilling
Builders Bag 50 10 Strong transmutation
Bunny Hood
Caltrops, Animated
Caltrops, Returning
Camera Obscura
Cape of Daywalking 12,080 gp varies 2 Moderate invocation
Card Sleeve of Power
Casualty Blanket
Chaos Wine
Chess Set 200,000 gp 5 lbs 3rd Strong Illusion, Transmutation, and Conjuration school ;
Chest of Holding 7,060+ gp 25+ 18 Strong conjuration
Clasp of the Dagger 21,500 gp (+1), 31,500 gp (+2), 45,500 gp (+3), 63,500 (+4), 85,500 (+5) .25 7th Moderate transmutation
Cloak of Blinding Ash Shoulders 5th Faint conjuration
Cloak of Fortification
Cloak of Shadows
Cloth Wrappings of Wholeness
Codex of Device Operation
Codpiece of Attention
Coin of Mortality
Collar of Health Price 4,000 gp (+2), 16,000 gp (+4), 36,000 gp (+6) Throat - 8th Moderate transmutation
Collar of Language (Familiar Item)
Collar of Mighty Attack 6,000 gp (+1), 24,000 gp (+2), 54,000 gp (+3), 96,000 gp (+4), 150,000 gp (+5) Throat - 5th Weak Evocation
Collar of Natural Armor 2,000 gp (+1), 8,000 gp (+2), 18,000 gp (+3), 32,000 gp (+4), or 50,000 gp (+5) Throat - 5th Weak transmutation
Combination Dust
Compass of Detection
Construct Lab
Corset of Holding
Crampons of Climbing
Crepitus Crutch
Crocodile Mask
Crop of Animal Taming Varies Worn on Belt 1 Varies Weak; (DC 18) divination
Crown of Power 15,000 gp 10 Moderate Enchantmwent
Crown of the Dark Lords 90,000 gp 16 Strong Abjuration [Evil]
Cursed Eyepatch
Dagger of Bodysnatching 5,356 gp 1 Drd 4; Wiz/Sor 5 Weak necromancy, transmutation
Dalent's Boots
Dark-Vision Goggles
Death Coins
Death Ray
Deep Coin Pouch 10 GP - 2 Moderate Transmutation
Demon Tongue Mask
Dragon Scale Pants
Dragon Scale Tunic 25,000 gp 5 IB 10 Strong enchantment
Dugen's Belt
Dust of Magic Finding
Elia Cube - 1lb 7 Strong transmutation
Endless Pouch of Shurikens 441,000gp Worn on Belt 2 17th Strong; (DC 24) conjuration
Eternal Staff 1K gold pieces per spell level stored in the staff, 500 gold pieces per level zero spell. Add another 2K if the staff is the greater version. For example, a lesser staff with magic missile, mage hand, and fireball would cost 4500 GP (1K+3K+500=4.5K). Make a greater version of the same staff and it would cost 6500 GP. <!-Caster level for creation-->
Ethereal Spellbook 10,800 gp 3 Faint abjuration
Expeditious Boots
Exploding Caltrops
Eyepatch of Intimidation
Eyes of War (Warforged Component)
Faction Mark
Familiar Stone
Farthal's Gauntlets
Feather of Magic Weapon
Figurine of Wondrous Power, Bloodhound
Fins of Swimming
Finwe's Portable Mansion
Flame Stalker Cloak 1,200gp 3 6th Moderate (DC 15) Conjuration, Evocation, Illusion
Flaming Caltrops
Flash Coin
Flash Gloves 2,000 gp Hands 1st Faint evocation
Floating Lantern 800 gp 5 6 Moderate evocation
Food Purification Powder
Footwear of the Spider
Foreleg Bracers of Armor 2,000 gp (+1), 8,000 gp (+2), 18,000 gp (+3), 32,000 gp (+4), or 50,000 gp (+5) Throat - 5th Weak transmutation
Foreleg Mitts of Dexterity 4,000 gp (+2), 16,000 gp (+4), 36,000 gp (+6) Hand 4 lbs 8th Moderate transmutation
Foreleg Mitts of Ogre Power 4,000 gp Hand 4 lbs 6th Weak transmutation
Frag Tube
Gabardine of Hiding Veries 4. 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10 Weak illusion
Gaunt Mask
Gauntlet of Ash 10,800 gp Hands 3rd Faint evocation
Gauntlet of Magic Missile
Gauntlets of Zen Focus
Ghost Ward Armor Crystal
Girdle of Jumping
Glasses of Spiritual Awareness 10,000gp - 3rd Weak divination
Glassy-Eyed Mask
Glove of Force 3lbs 5 Moderate conjuration
Glove of Infinity
Glove of Rays
Glove of Thrown Weapons
Gloves of Cantrip Battle
Gloves of Fire Control
Gloves of Floating Disk
Gloves of Kobold Thievery
Gloves of Marking 8,000 gp Hands 1st Faint evocation
Gloves of Silent Gateway 1,000gp Hand 1 1 Faint illusion
Gloves of the Funny Bone
Gloves of the Spider
Goggles of Perfect Sight 120,000gp 1 lb. 25 Strong Transmutation
Goggles of Smoky Vision
Golden Orb of Compulsion
Grease Bucket
Greaves of Zen Balance
Half-Orc loincloth of revival <!-Caster level for creation-->
Handgrip of Proficiency
Handy Saddlebags 10,000 gp Worn on mount behind saddle. 50 9th Moderate conjuration
Headband of MiMi
Headband of Sorcerous Knowledge
Heart-Shaped Pillow of the Lair of Broken Hearts <!-Caster level for creation-->
Heatmaker Utensils
Helljumper Boots 6 8th moderate transmutation transmutation
Helm of Alacrity
Helm of Korminor 277,000gp Head Slot & Face Slot 4 lbs 11th Strong; (DC 21) Divination
Helm of Reformation
Helm of the False Sinking
Heward's Handy Pouch
Hindleg Mitts of Striding and Jumping 5,500 gp Feet 1 lb 8th Weak transmutation
Honor's Seat
Horn of Hearing
Horn of Invigoration 1 3 Faint Enchantment
Hornet Mask
Hoshi no Tama 2,500 gp (One-Tail), 10,000 gp (Two-Tails), 22,500 gp (Three-Tails), 40,000 gp (Four-Tails), 62,500 gp (Five-Tails), 90,000 gp (Six-Tails), 122,500 gp (Seven-Tails), 160,000 gp (Eight-Tails), 202,500 gp (Nine-Tails) 1st (One-Tail), 3rd (Two-Tails), 5th (Three-Tails), 7th (Four-Tails), 9th (Five-Tails), 11th (Six-Tails), 13th (Seven-Tails), 15th (Eight-Tails), 17th (Nine-Tails) Strong Transmutation
Impacting Weapon Crystal
Inaz's Helm of Neutrality
Infinite Gourd of Sand
Infinitipedia 33,000 gp 3 11 Moderate divination, evocation, illusion
Infodex 4000 gp 8 11th Moderate divination
Instant Wall
Ioun Charm Chain
Ioun Coral
Jin's Helm of the Dervish
Key of Detrix 1000gp No slot 1 5th Moderate DC 15 Transmutation & Divination
Leg of Fharlanghn
Lens of Appraisal
Lens of Scrutiny
Lesser Fabricator 2 lb 1 Weak Transmutation
Life-Stealing Gloves
Light of Elendil
Lilitu's Hat 182,850 gp and possibly your soul Head Slot 1 Unknown Strong; (DC 21) Transmutation
Lion Mask
Lorgnette of Translation
Loz'arke's Token 337,000gp
Head Slot - 15th Strong; (DC 23) Abjuration
Lucky Dice 1000gp 5 Weak Divination
Lyre of the Moon
Magelight Stone 3 Weak Evocation
Magic Key
Magic Missile Cannon
Magic Missile Cartridge
Magic Motor
Magic Tattoo 150gp 0, becomes part of you. Arcane Caster Level 3 Weak. Enchanting.
Magical Camera
Magical Shopkeep Glasses 152,625gp Face Slot - 11th Moderate; (DC 21) Divination
Maidens ribbon 20gp(per inch)
Major Arcana
Mantle of the Inquisitor
Manual of Survival
Marksmen's Eye
Martial Bracers
Mask Of The Brute
Mask of Authority
Mask of Fates
Mask of IT
Mask of Targets, Greater
Mask of Targets, Lesser
Mask of Tengu Influence 10,000gp Face Slot 1 6 Weak Divination
Mask of the Witch Doctor
Masks of the Hunter-Lords
Mechanical Eye
Mechanus Core
Medallion of Sixth Sense
Mini Scabbard 1,000gp Worn on Belt 1 9th Moderate; (DC 20) Conjuration
Mining Helmet, Continual
Minor Arcana
Mirror of Communication
Mirror of Empathy
Mitts of Glibness
Monocle of Aura Comparison
Monster Ball
Morph Ball
Nanogene Dispenser 50000 gp 1000 lbs. <!-Caster level for creation-->
Nature's Gauntlets
Necklace of Rya 3000gp Worn on the neck 1 9th Moderate DC 20 Illusion
Necklace of the Ash Rat 2,000 gp 1 Weak transmutation
Necklace of the Chorus
Nexus Map
Normal Beard's Colar none none Level 10 Conjuration
Notebook of Inquiry
Nymph's Sanctuary
Orb of Course Correction
Orb of Elemental Summoning
Orb of Forgotten Tears
Orbus Stone Network
Ovthen's Helm
Pan of Perfect Egg
Paper death mask 0.2 Strong
Pedestal of Truth
Perception Filter
Phantom Blade
Phantom Reins
Phylactery of Life Drinking
Plated Boots of Capacity 20,000 gp 10 Strong enchantment
Pocket Golem
Pocket Tent
Pocket of Endless Cigars
Polyjuice Potion 5
Portable Cup Holder 10 GP or 15 for 2! - 2 Moderate Transmutation
Portable Forge
Portal Gun
Potpourri Flute
Pouch of Endless Jellybeans
Predator Mask
Primordial Ring 36,000 gp <!-Caster level for creation-->
Probe of Disarming
Psionic Augment Crystal 600gp (Least/+1 dam), 3000gp (Lesser/1d6), 6000gp (Greater/1d6 + Burst), 25,ooogp (Artifact) None None x Varies varies; DC 21
Puritan's Bracers
Quill of Fabrication
Quiver of the Arcane Archer
Ragamuffin 325gp 1 Faint Conjuration (Healing)
Raison de Raison
Rangers Cloak
Rat-Catcher's Flute 4,000 gp 1 3 Weak enchantment
Rhodotauric Elixir
Ribbon 400,000 gp 0.25 30 Overwhelming abjuration
Ribbon of the Disc
Ring Of Recoil 81000gp 0 ML 10 Moderate enchantment
Ring of Daring 1,000 gp N/a 8 Weak Divination
Ring of Deception, Variant 0.01 15 weak enchantment
Ring of Regurgitation 0.01 8th Minor abjuration
Ring of Truth
Robe of Blades 2 blades 1000/4 blades 2250/6 blades 3500 5, 10, 15 lbs Weak Universal
Robe of Corpses
Robe of Defense
Robe of Useless Items 1 lb. 9 Moderate transmutation
Robe of the Storm 24,000 gp 1 12th Moderate transmutation
Robes of the Metamorph
Rod of Spellcraft
Rope of Handling
Ruby-Eyed Mask
Saddle of Riding
Safe Ball
Sanctus Globus
Sanguinarian Chalice 20,240 gp 1 3 Weak conjuration
Satchel of Healing
Scale of Elemental Justice 70,000 GP 16
Scales of Diplomacy
Scaplers Cloak
Scepter Of The 7 Seas 10,000 gp 3 8th
Screaming Gorilla Mask
Seal of Returning
Seal of the Lycan
Seed of the Fell Forest
Shadow Dagger Bracer 25,510gp 11th Moderate evocation
Shattering Bell .5 3 faint evocation
Shield Sphere
Shield Talisman, Greater
Shield Talisman, Lesser
Shield Talisman, Moderate
Shoes of Speedy Sneaking
Shortsword of Soul Stealing
Shuriken of Arc Lightning
Silent Cloak 2500gp Worn on the Shoulders 1 12th Moderate DC 20 Illusion
Skeleton Key of Trespassing
Skull Mask
Skull Sniper
Slippers of Tay Son Nhan
Smuggler's Coffin
Sniping Monocle
Soles of Silence
Soles of Tumbling
Soul Receptacle 1 10 Moderate (DC 20); Necromancy
Soul of the Forgotten
Space Jump Boots
Spectacles of Awareness
Spectacles of Speculation
Spectrum Flute 5,400gp None 1 1st Faint Conjuration
Speech Scroll CL 15th 100,000 gp (+ 1.2% gp per additional caster level) 2 15th or above
Speedy & Observant Goggles
Spellbreaker Stone
Spirit Bag
Stabilizer Backpack 250,000 gp 110 lb 20 Moderate
Staff of Balance
Stealth Cloak
Stone Tent 10,800 gp 5 lbs 5th moderate Transmutation (Earth)
Stone of 100 Rencarnations 167580 10 17 Overwhelming Transmutation
Stone of Concentration
Stone of Memory
Stone of Wit
Storyteller's Mask
Stovepipe Hat of Frosty
Summoning Statuette
Superior Handgrip of Proficiency
Swirly Mask
Symbol of Life
Tactical Visor
Talisman of Invulnerability
Templar's Ring 200,000 0.01 15 Strong enchantment
The Bag of Avant-Garde Vices 10,000 gp 60 lbs. 9th Strong Conjuration
The Collected Works of Ambran the Seeker
The seven winds It has no weight. n/a strong n/a
Thiefless Equipment
Thieves' Gloves of Tools
Third-Eye Spellbook 1,000 gp Face 3 Faint illusion
Tome of Demonic Lore
Tongue Studs of Golden Speech
Torc of the Brute
Torc of the Thundering Brute
Transmuter's Gloves
Tri-staff of Majere
Trick Dice
Tunic of Armor
Vampire's Cape of Daywalking 24,560 gp varies 6 Moderate conjuration, illusion
Veil of Deception
Vest of Fiery Healing
Vest of the Bold
Vial of Inkflies 3,758 gp; +1 4,558 gp; +2 6,958 gp; +3 10,958 gp; +4 16,558 gp 5 Moderate divination
Voice Box
Voodoo Doll
Warforged Screwdriver
Warmask of Soul Preservation
Warmask of the Dragon
Waterskin of the Infinite
Were-Claw Covers
Wicker Mask
Wig of Disguising
Will Stone
Wizard's Spectacles
Zora Mask
Zyash's Rifle
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