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Zegway: It's a dwarf ridin' a Zegway it's a dwarf ridin' a Zegway! Now you long legged bastards gonna diiiiie! It's a dwarf ridin' a Zegway it's a dwarf ridin' a Zegway! It's the best thing ever that is whyyyyy!

The crafty and disgruntled dwarven crafter Simpanzae Zegway had long been tired of his adventuring party, consisting of nothing but tallfolk, with their long legs and their 30 ft. walking speeds. Tired of being left behind in his heavy armor he created the ultimate moving platform that he could easily control and guide at high speeds over the land with little more effort than walking.

Enter the Zegway, a flat platform of force suspended in a ring and a magic-drawing engine below, and two wheels. Such a thing would seem unstable but gyros keep it balanced, controllable by leaning forward and back, side to side, with a handlebar for stability. Mechanically the Zegway behaves very similar to mounted combat, if not quite as fast.

While riding the Zegway you gain a land speed of 40 ft. When moving uphill it drops to 30 ft., and downhill, it becomes 50 ft. You may use either your ranks in Ride or Profession (Pilot) or (Driver) to perform complicated tricks on the Zegway such as leaping off mid-ride, guide with both hands in use, and other skills detailed in the Ride skill. It attacked, it is an object with hardness 10, 60 hp, and a break DC of 28. If it's magic is suppressed somehow it becomes inert until its magic is restored. If the rider lets go of the Zegway by jumping off, or otherwise stops controlling it it finishes its intended movement, then stops.

While it counts as a mount for various mounted feats and abilities, you must still expend your own move actions to control the device. When not in use, as a full round action you can compress (or uncompress) the Zegway into an easy, backpack storage-friendly disc shape for portability.

Faint (DC 16) Transmutation;CL 1st; Craft Wonderous Item, Expeditious Retreat, Floating Disk; Cost 2,750 gp, 220 XP, 3 Days; Activation: Move actions; Weight: 20 lb.; Market Price: 5,500 gp

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