Ribbon of the Disc (3.5e Equipment)

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Ribbon of the Disc
Price: 2,000 gp
Body Slot: Hands
Caster Level: -
Aura: -
Activation: Thought
Weight: 1/8 lb.

In a Nutshell[edit]


Sized as a perfect circle 3' in diameter.

Moves at [(1d6+Str) x10] feet per turn when struck.

Deals 1d6 damage for each 10' of its current speed +5.

Can hold up to 500 lbs.


Only destroyed by fire

Must be worn on wrist touching skin


The disc is 3' in diameter, 6" in height at its midpoint, with tapering to edges that starts 6" from the edge. When hit, moves at a speed of [d6+ your Strength Modifier x10] feet per turn. If it collides with anything, it stops moving immediately. If it collides with a creature, it deals damage equal to 1d6 for each 10' of speed +5 counting as a ranged touch attack. Naturally it will follow the wielder at his/her current speed, 5’ behind him/her. It can hold a load of up to 500 lbs. If it is holding something (250 lbs or more), and hit then it will move at half speed. The ribbon must be worn around the wrist for its effects to take place, touching the skin of the wielder. The ribbon is indestructible unless removed and then burned. If the wielder strikes the disc to cause it to move, then the wielder may will it to stay still for one turn, then after that one turn, the disc will fly at the appropriate speed, thus allowing the wielder to ride the disc. The disc is incapable of turning except for the later explained vertical movement. The disc will disappear if it strays more than 100’ from the wielder. The disc may be willed to exist or disappear as a free action. The disc will travel only horizontally unless otherwise willed by the wielder. If the wielder wills the disc to move vertically he/she may only do so up to 10 feet above ground, and as low as 6" above ground. It may rise or lower at 10 feet per turn. The disc never tilts and is always perfectly flat, thus it can not be used to ride up walls.

The damage done by the disc counts as magical. Hitting a target is based on your [attack roll + strength modifier] vs target's AC.

The ribbon may be found at vendors priced at 2,000gp but it is unknown how it is made. Only Monk Giazo in the Eastern Desert can make them. The ribbon is inscribed with text in Elvish that says "Think Disc"


It has been discovered to be of GREAT use for the monk to wield such an item. The ribbon not counting as armor allows the monk to easily use the item. Due to the ability to summon and banish the disc at will as a free action, the monk can use his/her flurry of blows to send multiple attacks from a range. This is particularly useful for high strength monks. Alternatively, one could summon the disc, use flurry of blows and will the last disc to not move until next turn. On the next turn, ride the disc to hit your enemy, then leap over or next to your enemy and attack with your standard action. Another way of using this is to will the disc to not move until you've finished your flurry of blows, which would send the disc FLYING at an excessive [3d6 + STRx3]x10 speed.

The ribbon itself isn't so amazing, but the words inscribed on it tell a greater story. ~Monk Giazo

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