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Helm of Alacrity: These golden helms give wearers a fraction of a second’s warning when a blow is coming, aiding their ability to defend themselves. Each helm adds an insight bonus to Armor Class.

Market:4,000(+1), 16,000(+2), 36,000(+3), 64,000(+4), 100,000(+5)gp

Moderate (DC 20) Divination;CL 7th; Craft Wondrous Item, Freedom of Action, caster must be of a level equal to four times the helm’s bonus; Cost (Price / 2)gp (Ex. 2,000gp(+1)), (Price / 25)XP (Ex. 160XP (+1)), (Price / 1000) Days; Activation: — Weight: 3 lb. lb.; Market Price: Varies

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