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Bracers of Shielding: A dual-wielding warrior once desired better protection in battle. He looked to better armor, but it was far too bulky for his needs. He looked to his party's wizard for advice. "Why not turn to shields?" said the wizard. The warrior reasoned that shields threw his arms off balance when wielding his two weapons. The warrior thought, and then asked the wizard about his own Bracers of Armor. The wizard said they would be redundant, that the bracers and his armor could not protect together. The warrior thought, then asked "Why not create bracers that create two shield-like forces around my arms?" Thus, Bracers of Shielding were born.

Bracers of Shielding are two bracers of fine quality leather, detailed with many warriors, almost all of which are using a spear and shield. Bracers of Shielding are much like the Bracers of Armor usually heard of, but create two blue, flat, shield-like surfaces that jump between an incoming attack and the wearer.

Moderate; DC 16 Abjuration;CL 7th; Craft Wondrous Item, Shield, caster level must be at least two times the bonus provided by the bracers; Cost 500 gp, 40 xp, 1 day (+1 bonus); 2,000 gp, 160 xp, 4 days (+2 bonus); 4,500 gp, 360 xp, 9 days (+3 bonus); 8,000 gp, 640 xp, 16 days (+4 bonus); 12,500 gp, 1,000xp, 25 days (+5 bonus); 18,000 gp, 1,440 xp, 36 days (+6 bonus); 24,500 gp, 1,960 xp, 49 days (+7 bonus); 32,000 gp, 2,560 xp, 64 days (+8 bonus); Weight: 1 lb.; Market Price: 1000 gp (+1), 4000 gp (+2), 9000 gp (+3), 16000 gp (+4), 25000 gp (+5), 36000 gp (+6), 49000 gp (+7), 64000 gp (+8)

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