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Ghostward Armor Crystal: This smoky quartz is carved in the shape of a shield, with a heart carved inside.

Clerics often craft Ghostward crystals for themselves, or other servants of the cleric's deity, who are likely to combat incorporeal undead, but who do not have the gold to afford a full suit of Ghost Touch armor.

Least: This crystal protects against touch attacks from incorporeal creatures. A character wearing a suit of armor bearing this crystal may apply his armor's enhancement bonus to armor class against all incorporeal touch attacks.

Lesser: As the least crystal, except the bearer may apply his armor's enhancement bonus to all touch attacks. Additionally, incorporeal creatures may use a suit of armor with this crystal.

Greater: As the lesser crystal, but the bearer may also apply his armor bonus to all touch attacks.

Market: 1,500gp (4th) (least); 6,000gp (9th) (lesser); 24,000 (16th) (greater)

Faint DC 17 Abjuration;CL 5th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, shield of faith; Cost 750 gp, 60 XP, 1 day (least); 3,000 gp, 240 XP, 3 days (lesser); 12,000 gp, 960 XP, 12 days (greater); Activation: Use Activated; Market Price: Varies

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