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Some specific types of classes and creatures, very generally referred to as technicians, have special abilities over elements or can call upon their own life's powers to perform incredible feats called techniques. Unlike magic, these things cannot be learned by just anyone and are usually inherited through a specific species or bloodline or are taught through rigorous training from birth. Unlike manifesting powers, these abilities aren't psionic but rather come from a combination of some inner energies that flow through a creature. Some call it chi, others chakra, still other names being mana or energy. But whatever you name it, it needs a way to be kept track of in the world of DnD and this is represented by technique points. Not to be confused with power points, technique points are a representation of a creature's inner powers.

For more information on how technicians work, see Technique Powers (3.5e Variant Rule).

List of Technician Classes[edit]



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