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Ovthen's Helm: This closed-face helm was carefully crafted by ancient dwarven runesmiths out of one piece of copper-striated black marble. Runes have been carefully applied over the brow in fine, copper inlay. The runes are believed to be the sigil for the runesmith that crafted this piece, Ovthen. When worn, this item grants the wearer a +2 bonus to their Wisdom attribute. Also, the user gains the feat Earth Spell (Races of Stone) even if they do not meet the prerequisites.

The helm is part of an artifact known as the Weragen of Belrem. This artifact was crafted for a Goliath king by dwarven runesmiths during the Age of Dreams. This was crafted as a gift to thank the goliaths for their help during the "Ogre Wars".

Faint (DC 17) Earth;CL none; none; Cost none; Activation: —; Weight: 7 lb.; Market Price: 100,000 gp

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