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Orbus Stone
Price: See text
Body Slot: -
Caster Level: 20
Aura: Strong [Conjuration (Teleportation)]
Activation: One Standard Action or One Hour, See Text
Weight: 1 lb.

Orbus Stones are devices created to allow fast travel of individuals to others possessing Orbus Stones. The Stones were first created by a rogue who served with a band of adventurers who would often send him into a dungeon or castle as a scout. At first the band had a wizard that traveled with them, he however died deep in a mountain pass, the rogue began reading through the wizards things trying to find someone to pass his belongings to when he began reading the wizards research journal. The rogue started to pick up minor spells to aid him in his infiltrations, over time he learned the wizard was devising a spell that would allow him to teleport to a previously marked target however he could never get the mark to stick to anything but himself. The rogue began tinkering with the idea of an object that would cast the mark and eventually created the Orbus Stone, named after the dead wizard.

The Orbus Stones have two functions, they can be attuned to a network of stones and they can teleport their owner to anyone else in its attuned network. To attune a Stone to a network the owner must have another Orbus Stone already attuned to a network and spend one hour concentrating, DC:15 concentration check allows 1 round of normal actions, failure means the process must start over. If you go through this process and you have no other Orbus Stone the Stone will create its own network of one, others may then later be added. An Orbus Stone may only be attuned to a network once in a 24 hour period. Its second and primary function is identical to a Greater Teleport except that the destination must be another Orbis Stone attuned to the network that the Orbis Stone being used is attuned to, interplanar travel is possible however inter-dimensional travel is not.

Caster Level: 15th; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Items, Varied; Market Price: See text; Cost to Create: See text.

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