Robe of Useless Items (3.5e Equipment)

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This appears to be a remarkably well made and gold embroidered robe, but a character who dons it notes that it is adorned with small cloth patches of various shapes. Only the wearer of the robe can see these patches, and detach them. One patch can be detached each round. Detaching a patch causes it to become an actual item, as indicated below. A newly created robe of useless items has a number of patches with a varying item. Roll 5d6 for the number of patches and then roll for each patch on the table below to determine its nature.


01-05: 21 piece iron dinner set (bent forks, knives and spoons)

06-10: Sack (large) with a hole (medium)

11-15: Pile of Rope scraps (10 lb)

16-20: Dead herring (fresh, feeds 1)

21-25: Broken glass shards (5 lb, multicolored)

26-30: Mask that takes on appearance of wearer

31-35: 2-legged stool (wooden)

36-40: Scroll with equations for centroids of objects

41-45: Walnut shells (25 lb)

46-50: Clay mug (chipped)

51-55: Wand of 'Polymorph Shoes' (1d6 x5 charges)

56-60: Half-eaten sandwich (wearer's choice)

61-65: Scroll of Bigby's Middle Finger

66-70: Quaal's Feather Token, Rock

71-75: Pile of dead bees (10 lb)

76-80: A sponge (5'x5'x5')

81-85: Vial of purple ink that only writes the writer's name

86-90: Set of Dice

91-95: Vial of Troll Mucus (1d4 doses)

96-00: Old Pirate Map

Multiple items of the same kind are permissible. Once removed, a patch cannot be replaced.

(Moderate transmutation; CL 9th; Craft Wondrous Item, fabricate; Price 2,000 gp;Weight 1 lb.)

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