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An Infodex unfolded.

The Infodex appears to be something of a heavy tome, opened vertically instead of horizontally and made of solid wood, leather cover, and two metal plates on the inside surface and pinned in place. The top plate possesses a swirl of light textured engravings and runes, and the bottom contains something of a keyboard, although its letters are blank. A crystal is embedded in the front of the book.

The Infodex is a communication and display device used to contact others with other Infodexes, and contact certain compatible targets which possess the same marks as the Infodex. When active it projects a small Major Image, which illuminates the keyboard with the appropriate letters and gives a screen with a series of buttons pre-programmed into it. Communication can occur by text via typing or by visual and voice, where the other Infodex's user appears as an illusion on the screen. It remains active until the unit is closed. If the connected target in question is not on the same plane of existence as you are, there is a 5% chance that the connection fails. (Local conditions on other planes may worsen this chance considerably.)

When first created, the Infodex is 'unbound'. You specify which target you wish to connect to, and from that point on you may communicate with this target as much as you want (the target is typically another Infodex, but certain creatures are sometimes compatible). This assignment is permanent and cannot be changed afterward.

Moderate divination;CL 11th; Craft Wondrous Item, Programmed Image, Sending; Cost 2000, 80xp, 2 days; Weight: 8 lb.; Market Price: 4000 gp

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