Symbol of Life (3.5e Equipment)

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Symbol of Life
Price: Regular: 10,000gp Deathwatcher: 16,500gp
Body Slot: Regular: None Deathwatcher: Amulet
Caster Level: 10th
Aura: Moderate Conjuration
Activation: Use Activated
Weight: 2 lbs.

Rare and highly valued, these amulets can bring fallen men back to life. They are made in the shape of a diety's holy symbol with a large diamond in the center. If placed on the heart of any person dead less than ten days he will be brought back to life in one minute. Living people must activate the amulet for it to work (a character cannot simply have it in his front pocket to work). The enhanced version will detect when the wearer has died and immidiately begin to raise him.

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