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Tunic of Armor: The first Tunic of Armor was created by a young wizard for a monk friend who hated bracers. A Tunic of Armor is essentially Bracers of Armor crafted in the form of a tunic/vest/vestment/shirt. A variant of this item is the Robe of Armor, which is a Tunic/Bracers of armor in the form of a robe (armor slot).

The tunic grants an armor bonus to AC of +1 to +8, depending on the tunic.

Price: 1,000 gp (+1); 4,000 gp (+2); 9,000 gp (+3); 16,000 gp (+4); 25,000 gp (+5); 36,000 gp (+6); 49,000 gp (+7); 64,000 gp (+8)

Moderate Conjuration;CL 7; Craft Wondrous Item; mage armor or greater mage armor; creator's caster level must be at least twice the bonus placed in the tunic; no weight worth noting; Cost 500gp, 40 XP (+1); 2,000gp, 160 XP (+2); 4,500gp, 360 XP (+3); 8,000gp, 640 XP (+4); 12,500gp, 1,000 XP (+5); 18,000gp, 1440 XP (+6); 24,500gp, 1960 XP (+7); 32,000gp, 2560 XP (+8); Market Price: Varies

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