Vampire's Cape of Daywalking (3.5e Equipment)

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Vampire's Cape of Daywalking: Much like the standard Cape of Daywalking, but it has one extra effect. Three times per day, a vampire (or vampire spawn) can disguise themselves only so that their vampiric features are hidden allowing them to easily mingle amongst the living. This effect lasts for one hour and the vampire can choose to extend the time by one hour at any point before the time expires using another daily charge, if one exists. If the cape is removed while the disguise is in effect, they are no longer disguised, but reequipping the cape resumes the disguise if time did not expire while it was removed. While non-vampires may wear the cape, the disguise effects have no effect on them unless they have vampiric features from undead grafts or magic spells such as Kiss of the Vampire.

Moderate conjuration, illusion;CL 6; Craft Wondrous Item, protective penumbra, disguise self; Cost 12,280 gp, 982 XP, 24 days; Weight: varies lb.; Market Price: 24,560 gp

Note: The Vampire's Cape of Daywalking borrows the spell protective penumbra from Pathfinder. A DM must okay the use of this spell from the other game, or alter this item otherwise, in order for this item to exist.

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