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Cape of Daywalking: Capes of Daywalking were designed with the needs of the undead in mind. The capes come in many different fashions and colors, but all serve a single primary purpose: stopping the effects of daylight upon the undead flesh. The cape prevents the wearer from the effects of direct daylight or spells causing artificial light such as Daylight. While designed with the undead in mind, some other creatures have found the capes useful against magical light spells just the same.

Moderate invocation;CL 2; Craft Wondrous Item, protective penumbra; Cost 6,040 gp, 483 XP, 12 days; Weight: varies lb.; Market Price: 12,080 gp

Note: The Cape of Daywalking borrows the spell protective penumbra from Pathfinder. A DM must okay the use of this spell from the other game, or alter this item otherwise, in order for this item to exist.

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