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Vest of Fiery Healing: The Vest of Fiery Healing comes in three different useful varieties and one cursed variety. The others are major vest of fiery healing, pyromancers vest of fiery healing, and vest of fiery pain.

All wounds healed by any of the Vests of Fiery Healing leave an angry red scar that seems to gleam with an inner light. Enough healings may eventually start to accrue a bonus/hindrance to some social situations at the DM's discretion. This healing does not regenerate lost limbs; it merely cauterizes the stump.

Woven from the carefully collected hair from dozens of Ash Rats, this plain black, brown, or grey vest is simple-looking and smells vaguely of smoke. The magical nature of this vest becomes apparent when the wearer comes into contact with a source that deals fire damage. The wearer is granted fire resistance 5 and gains the benefit of a cure minor wounds spell every round they remain in contact with the fire damage source (i.e. would normally take damage if it hadn't been resisted by this vest), including the first round.

Faint abjuration and conjuration;CL 3rd; Craft Wondrous Item, resist energy (Fire), cure minor wounds; Cost 9,000 gp + 360 xp; Market Price: 18,000 gp

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