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Familiar Stone: These green crystals were found in Kylanthian Ruins in the wild lands of Cyclon by Andrew Shadowborn During the Third Era. They have a strange relationship with mages and their powers, Specifically their ability to bound their soul into things to create familiars.

When held by a Binder, Dread Necromancer, Sorcerer, or Wizard, it glows a beautiful and majestic emerald green. They can then partially bind their soul to the Gem in a way similar to the Familiar Rite (Except without spending Experience or Gp). Afterwards as an free action you can convert you're familiar into Arcane Energy and place it into the gem. While the familiar is contained in the Gem it will glow a colour depending on you're alignment.

CL ; ; Weight: - lb.; Market Price: 100 gp

Alignment Colour
Lawful Good Violet
Neutral Good Blue
Chaotic Good Green
Lawful Neutral Yellow
Neutral White
Chaotic Neutral Brown
Lawful Evil Orange
Neutral Evil Pink
Chaotic Evil Red

Once the familiar is "inside" the stone it can be released at anytime as a free action. If the Gem is destroyed while the Familiar is inside the gem it cracks open and arcane energy bursts out of it. This energy deals 1d6 damage for each HD of the familiar inside at the time, on every square within 15ft.

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