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Choosing a Race[edit]

Only races listed here are present in Keran, monster races may exist, though they are not intended for players as they do not fit the story, or campaign feel. Choosing a race is a difficult task, considering the number of races on the world. Be careful and thoughtful in your choice, since it affects the rest of your game.

Core Races of Keran[edit]

Race Type Description
Aasimar Outsider (Native) Humanoids imbued with the blood of the Divines in them.
Aegis Construct (Living) Living constructs designed originally for war by the Mindflayers. They eventually were "saved" by the Kobolds.
Dragonborn Humanoid (Dragonblooded) Strong, dragon people with sole purpose of defeating evil Dragons.
Durzite Humanoid (Durzite) Small underground race of mages.
Dwarf Humanoid (Dwarf) Small race of traditional warriors.
Exiled Elf Humanoid (Elf) The Dunesti of the Sumran Wastes.
Gnomes Humanoid (Gnomes) Quirky craftsmen that create gadgets.
Half-Elf Humanoid (Elf, Karmainian) A hybrid of Elf & Karmainian.
Karmainian Humanoid (Karmainian) People that arose in North Karma.
Kobold Humanoid (Dragonblooded, Reptilian) Dragonmen with trapmaking & Sorcery in thier blood.
Marshshadow Lizardfolk Humanoid (Reptilian) Lizardfolk from the jungles of South Karma & the Moonshadow Jungles.
Murderer Humanoid (Murderer) A Raven-like race of bird people.
Ranx Humanoid (Insectoid) A race of bug-like humanoids with live in the jungles.
Sarli Humanoid (Sarli) A cat-like race of blood drinkers.
Tiefling Outsider (Native) Humanoids imbued with the blood of fiends in them.
True Elf Humanoid (Elf) The most common type of elf.
Vithui Deathborn Sentient Undead which are born dead.

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