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Magic Items[edit]


Armor Enhancement[edit]

Table: Armor Special Abilities[edit]
Special Ability Example Creature Bound
Glamered Succubus
Fortification, light Medium Earth Elemental
Slick Babau
Shadow Quasit, Imp, or Shadow
Silent moves Small Air Elemental
Spell resistance (13)
Slick, improved +15,000 gp
Shadow, improved
Silent moves, improved
Acid resistance
Cold resistance
Electricity resistance
Fire resistance
Sonic resistance
Ghost touch
Fortification, moderate
Spell resistance (15)
Slick, greater +33,750 gp
Shadow, greater +33,750 gp
Silent moves, greater +33,750 gp
Acid resistance, improved +42,000 gp
Cold resistance, improved +42,000 gp
Electricity resistance, improved +42,000 gp
Fire resistance, improved +42,000 gp
Sonic resistance, improved +42,000 gp
Spell resistance (17) +4 bonus1
Etherealness +49,000 gp
Undead controlling +49,000 gp
Fortification, heavy +5 bonus1
Spell resistance (19) +5 bonus1
Acid resistance, greater +66,000 gp
Cold resistance, greater +66,000 gp
Electricity resistance, greater +66,000 gp
Fire resistance, greater +66,000 gp
Sonic resistance, greater +66,000 gp

Specific Armor[edit]

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Weapon Enhancement[edit]

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Specific Weapon[edit]

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Wondrous Items[edit]

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