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This device looks like it is grafted from carefully wrought adamantine components, that fit together almost seamlessly. Underneath the shell lies an obsidian core, on which a myriad of bluish lights seem to constantly shift and curdle, as if simulating consciousness.

A mechanus core is inert when it is not in use, but when it is inserted into a working construct or animated object, it suddenly connects and bestows upon the construct a semblance of sentience. Mechanus cores grant the following benefits pertaining to charisma, wisdom, intelligence, and constitution scores.

Mechanus Core, Lesser: 2d6+2.

Mechanus Core, Normal: 3d6+1.

Mechanus Core, Greater: 4d6.

A mechanus core can even be inserted within an inanimate object, animating the object as if a permanent animate objects spell has been cast on it. Despite this, the limits of the spell still apply; a mechanus core cannot animate an object for which its effective caster level is insufficient (a normal mechanus core with effective CL 12 cannot animate a Gargantuan object, because that requires CL 16). When a mechanus core is removed from such an object, it once again becomes inanimate.

Strong transmutation; CL 7th (Lesser), CL 12th (Normal), CL 17th (Greater) Craft Wondrous Item, animate objects, awaken construct(SC); Price 27,000 gp (Lesser), 55,000 gp (Normal), 110,000 gp (Greater); Weight 5 lb.

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