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Coin of Mortality: Often placed among other cursed items in faux treasure rooms set as traps, this seemingly ordinary platinum piece means the probable death of any living creature that so much as touches it. If a living creature willingly touches it, it is affected by a slay living spell 1d3 minutes later, with the DC 15 saving throw rolled secretly. If the creature makes the save, it is affected by a rigor mortis spell with a save DC of 12. When the rigor mortis effect wears off, the whole process of a slay living followed by a rigor mortis repeats. Only a successful break enchantment or a successful save against the rigor mortis effect can end the cycle. Touching the coin again begins the effects again.

Moderate; (DC 19) Necromancy;CL 9th; Craft Wondrous Item, Slay Living, Rigor Mortis; Cost 162,000gp (plus 10 for Platinum Coin), 12960 XP, 324 Days; Activation: See Text; Weight: — lb.; Market Price: 324,010 gp

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