Helm of the False Sinking (3.5e Equipment)

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Helm of the False Sinking: This ships helm is finely crafted of stout pieces of darkwood. Rarely used by captains due to the damaging side effects to their ships, this helm has still seen much use in areas that are frequented by pirates and ship sinking sea creatures. When activated the helm teleports most of the ship and all of its living crew to a harbor specified at the time of the helms creation. In the ships place is left an illusion of the ship which flounders and sinks rapidly. Bits of the ship also remain behind to leave a trail of real wreckage for the ships attackers to find. Dead crew and animals (including food stores made of meat) on the ship are also left behind. The damage caused by this spell typically leaves the affected ship in drydock for at least a month.

Strong illusion and conjuration; CL 3rd; Craft Wonderous Item, Programmed Image, Teleport Object; Price 72,800 gp ; Cost 36,400 gp + 1456 XP

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