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Ioun Coral: Ioun Coral is just a convenient name, it is actually a form of focusing stone and not an Ioun Stone though they have similar functions. The Ioun Coral attaches itself to its owners skull, bonding with the skin and bone in a relatively painless process (some have described it as a gentle heat, others a quick pinch). It can appear as a regal mineral plumage or a small ridged plate, a rare few have designs. These stony outcrops vary in shape but the coloring is mostly uniform so while you may have a Green Plated Ioun Coral someone could have a Green Webbing Ioun Coral that functions in the exact same way, one things for certain they are hard to hide, most would cover 40% of the average human head and do take a head slot.

The Ioun Coral give bonuses like Ioun Stones, just in higher measure

Ioun Coral that burns out can be removed but it leaves a scar across where the Ioun Coral was attached, while this scar is cosmetic and there are no lasting effects of the scarring the process to remove the coral is painful, requiring a heal check DC:20 from someone other than the wearer, DC:30 for the wearer to self remove. Success deals 1d6+4 non-leathal damage and the scar mentioned above, however a failed check results in the previous damage plus 1d4 charisma damage, this damage is semi-permanent as it does not heal on its own however a restoration, heal or regenerate spell will restore the damage and remove the scar.

Moderate (DC 25) Enchantment;CL 15th; Craft Wondrous Items, Varied; Cost See text.; Activation: -; Weight: 3 lb.; Market Price: See Text

Color Effect Market Price
Clear Sustains creature without food, water, and no longer takes negative effects from ageing or dies from old age. 94,000 gp
Dusty rose +3 insight bonus to AC 15,000 gp
Deep red +4 enhancement bonus to Dexterity 16,000 gp
Incandescent blue +4 enhancement bonus to Wisdom 16,000 gp
Pale blue +4 enhancement bonus to Strength 16,000 gp
Pink +4 enhancement bonus to Constitution 16,000 gp
Pink and green +4 enhancement bonus to Charisma 16,000 gp
Scarlet and blue +4 enhancement bonus to Intelligence 16,000 gp
Dark blue Alertness & Tremorsense(as the feat) 18,000 gp
Vibrant purple Stores seven levels of spells, as a ring of spell storing 48,000 gp
Iridescent Sustains creature without air & Grants pressure immunity up to 1500 ft. in depth 45,000 gp
Pale lavender Absorbs spells of 5th level or lower1 35,000 gp
Pearly white Regenerate 1 point of damage per round 50,000 gp
Pale green +2 competence bonus on attack rolls, saves, skill checks, and ability checks 45,000 gp
Orange +2 caster level 45,000 gp
Lavender and green Absorbs spells of 8th level or lower2 65,000 gp
1 After absorbing forty spell levels, the stone burns out and turns to dull gray, forever useless.
2 After absorbing seventy spell levels, the stone burns out and turns dull gray, forever useless.

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