Soul of the Forgotten (3.5e Equipment)

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Soul of the Forgotten
Price: N/A
Body Slot: Special
Caster Level: 20th
Aura: Strong Necromancy
Weight: .01 Lb.

These cards have the taint of fallen creatures apon them. They are the result of an Arcane Card Master passing on to the afterlife before passing their deck on to another. When they die and their deck empties, some of the captured souls of creatures leave a residue on the card they inhabited. Until that card is used to capture the next creature by a card master it has no effect. However when it is used something strange happens. The soul that is captured absorbs the residue from the previous inhabitant and gains 1d4 of the previous creatures abilities permanantly. When a card master finds one, he knows what it is from the feel of the card, feeling the residual energy from the previous soul imbedded in the card. He will not know what the soul will give the new inhabitant, but will use it as soon as possible. The GM dictates what creature was on the card prior and which abilities that will transfer from the old creature.

Prereqs: None

Cost to Create: None

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