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Major Arcana: While the Minor Arcana represent the majority of the tarot deck, it is the Major Arcana that are among the most powerful and most memorable. These cards are more commonly used in mystic divinations by both mages and charlatans alike. While any class can appreciate the cards and their value, it is the Tarot Mage who makes the most use out of them, as they are required to cast his spells

Unlike the minor arcana, the major arcana do not have any suits. They are a set of twenty-two unique and different cards with significant interpretations. They are also the cards more commonly associated with the occult, and revered for their symbolism. As such, they are often gifted with more powerful capabilities.

The major arcana are usually more powerful when dealing with magic cast upon oneself. While there are a few that affect others, the majority of the cards serve to better the powers of the caster who wields them.

A Tarot Mage can tap into the raw power of one of the major arcana cards at a time. When the card is tapped, it bestows a bonus to one or more of the mage's ability scores (see the appropriate column in the table below). Note that XXI - The World affects all of the abilities at once. The mage receives a +2 enhancement bonus for 1 hour + 1 hour per class level of Tarot Mage. During this time, the tarot mage may not use the tapped card to cast spells. Other major arcana can be used to cast spells, but the mage must wait for the duration of the previous effect to expire before tapping another major arcana card.

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Major Arcana
Card Tarot Spells Granted Affected Ability Score when Tapped
0 - The Fool Journey4, Discovery3, Risk2 Wisdom
I - The Magician Power1, Sorcery5, Trickery3 Intelligence
II - The High Priestess Compassion2, Emotional Balance3 Wisdom
III - The Empress Fertility and Gain6, Preservation7, Protection1 Constitution
IV - The Emperor Action3, Authority6, Discipline3 Charisma
V - The Hierophant Assuredness4, Divine Magics6 Charisma
VI - The Lovers Harmony2, Romance4 Charisma
VII - The Chariot Success1, Travel5 Dexterity
VIII - Strength Patience and Study3, Willpower3 Strength
IX - The Hermit Goals Understood2, Spiritual Awakening6 Wisdom
X - Wheel of Fortune Good Luck3, Prosperity5 Intelligence
XI - Justice Balance2, Responsibility4 Wisdom
XII - The Hanged Man Calm1, Patience2 Wisdom
XIII - Death Change4, Death9 Intelligence
XIV - Temperance Moderation1, Balance2 Intelligence
XV - The Devil Disease4, Outsider6 Intelligence
XVI - The Tower Alter Life9, Warning1 Strength
XVII - The Star Health2, Regeneration4, Resurrection9 Constitution
XVIII - The Moon Deceit2, Dream Power7 Dexterity
XIX - The Sun Achieve Goals8, Harmony2 Constitution
XX - Judgment Emotional Freedom7, Forgiveness5 Charisma
XXI - The World Completeness9, Success1 Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom, Charisma
1-9. All superscript numerals indicate the level of the spell.

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