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Dream Power
Level: Tarot 7
Components: V, F
Casting time: 5 minutes
Range: See Text
Effect: Dream Visage
Duration: 4 Hours or until awakened
Saving Throw: None
Spell Resistance: No

The Caster's dream image can travel around the caster's sleeping body.

The caster must cast this spell immediately before sleeping.

The spell allows the caster to create a dream visage while she sleeps. The spell begins to take effect after the caster has been asleep for 2 hours. After that, the spell last for four hours, or until the sleeper is awakened. If the caster is awakened before the spell takes effect, she loses the spell and must cast it again.

While the spell lasts, the caster can travel away from his her body at a 30-ft. walking rate (30 ft./round, 300 ft./minute, 3 miles/hour). Creatures that encounter the visage can detect it if they make an Intelligence check (DC 20); otherwise the visage passes without notice.

The visage can penetrate walls and other barriers except for magical barriers such as anti-magic field or wall of force. The visage is able to observe but cannot interact with the environment. The caster is vulnerable to mind influencing spells if cast at the visage.

The use of this spell does not cause the caster to suffer any penalty towards whether he has had a full-night's sleep.


This spell can only be cast using XVIII - The Moon as a focus.

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