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Necklace of Rya: The Necklace of Rya, is an item created long ago by the followers of the goddess Rya, the goddess of illusions and deceiving. In the necklace, there is placed an avatar of a person, and whoever wears it, looks and sounds exactly like the original person.

The persons avatar that is placed in the necklace is placed there at the creation of the necklace and cannot be changed after.

The looks and the voice of the wearer is perfect, and cannot be detected buy the spell SRD:Detect Magic, but if the opponent is successful on overcoming the Will save DC 30, then he will know that the wearers appearance and voice are illusions, but not the wearers original body and voice.

The necklace can use anyone who has the size of the avatar in it. If the wearer is one size category larger or smaller then the avatar, then the necklace is useless, and will not work. See here: SRD:Table of Creature Size and Scale.

The illusions of the necklace start immediately after the wearer puts it on, and end immediately after the wearer takes it off.

The spell SRD: True Seeing can overcome the illusions, and see the original body of the wearer, but not his original voice.

Moderate DC 20 Illusion;CL 9th; Craft Wondrous Item, Secret Chest; Weight: 1 lb.; Market Price: 3000gp

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