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Assassins Bracers: A favorite tool for all manner of scoundrel, the Assassins Bracers are unique in their subtlety, utility and deadly form. These glamoured bracers appear as standard leather bracers with a small wooden token near the elbow. Only a true seeing spell or similar magic reveals them for what they are. The Bracers give a +1 deflection bonus to AC and +1 to all saves.

Several styles exist

Type I, The Tool kit, carries on its sides, masterwork thieves tools, a magnifying glass, a flint and steel, and up to 6 vials.

Type II, The Hidden Blade, an Adamantine blade(2d6, crit x4 bypass hardness <20) hidden on the underside of the forearm springs out and locks into place at the flick of the wrist and retracts just as quickly.

Type III, The Piercer has a miniature crossbow that fires dart size bolts(3d6 crit x3, 20" range). The mechanism automatically reloads on firing and has a capacity of 5 darts.

The most versatile is Type IV The Death Striker which combines the three into a single unit. No two bracers are exactly alike as they are often customized by their wielder for maximum effectiveness. For each full round action spent carefully observing a target, a +5 insight bonus is granted to the attack roll.(6 rounds max)

Due to its unique properties, anyone using Assassins Bracers must receive intensive special training(Feats, Exotic Weapon Proficiency: Assassins Bracers, Weapon Focus: Assassins Bracers, and Weapon Specialization: Assassins Bracers, or 8 levelsAssassin) or take a -9 penalty on all hand based dexterity skill checks and a -15 on all attack rolls made with another weapon(reduced by 1/3 for each feat taken) Assassins Bracers are treated as a + 3 magical weapon 5 hit points hardness of 20.

Moderate abjuration, divination, illusion;CL 15th level; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Craft Wonderous Item,True Strike,Disguise Self, and Shield Other, Creator must be a gnome; Cost Type I 1500gp, Type II 3000gp, Type III 7500gp Type IV 20,000; Weight: Type I 4 lbs Type II 2 lbs Type III 3 lbs Type IV 9 lb.

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