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Alchemical Quiver: The Alchemical Quiver is a standard quiver with pockets capable of carrying up to 30 lbs of alchemical items. When drawing an arrow, one of those items, such as an acid flask, may be applied to it. This is a free action, and any alchemical item up to 5 lbs can be applied to the arrow before it is fired, where the alchemical item has its usual effects in addition to the arrow's. Alchemical arrows can be continually fired as long as there is enough of the item available.

Faint transmutation; DC 15;CL 3rd; Craft Wondrous Item, Stick (Spell Compendium); Cost 1,000 gp + 80 XP, 1 day; Activation: Use Activated; Weight: 2 lbs lb.; Market Price: 2000 gp

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