Bracers of Insightful Defense (3.5e Equipment)

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Bracers of Insightful Defense: Bracers of Insightful Defense: These silver and platinum bracers usually bear the image of an owl or other insightful creature. They grant the wearer both an Insight bonus to AC and a Luck bonus to AC, equal to the bonus of the bracers (+1 to +5).

Strong; (DC 18) varied ;CL Varies; Craft Wondrous Item, Haste, Moment of Prescience, caster level must be four times that of the bracer's bonus; Cost 7,500 gp (+1), 30,000 gp (+2), 67,000 gp (+3), 120,000 gp (+4), 187,500 gp (+5).; Activation: —; Weight: 1 lb. lb.; Market Price: Varies

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