Farthal's Gauntlets (3.5e Equipment)

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Farthal's Gauntlets: These gauntlets were carefully crafted by ancient dwarven runesmiths by weaving gray earthsilk and attaching disks of copper-striated black marble. The gauntlets reach up to approximately mid-forearm. Small copper spikes were also attached to the knuckles. These spikes give a +1 to unarmed strike damage. On the largest disc adjoining the wrist joint, runes have been carefully engraved with fine-copper inlay. The runes are believed to be the sigil for the runesmith that crafted this piece, Farthal. When worn, these items grant the wearer a +3 to attack and the feat Earth Fist (Races of Stone).

These gauntlets are part of an artifact known as the Weragen of Belrem. This armor was crafted for a Goliath king by dwarven runesmiths during the Age of Dreams as a gift to thank the goliaths for their help during the "Ogre Wars".

Faint (DC 17) War;CL none; none; Cost none; Activation: —; Weight: 2 lb.; Market Price: 25,000 gp

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