Mitts of Glibness (3.5e Equipment)

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Mitts of Glibness: This item resembles a pair of almost skintight white mitts; gloves that leave the lower ends of the fingers bare. This item does not take up an item slot when worn, and the wearer can still wear gloves or gauntlets over them. When worn, they bestow upon the user a competence bonus to Sleight of Hand checks equal to the mitts' enhancement bonus.

Weak transmutation;CL Varies; Craft Wondrous Item, cat's grace. Caster level must be at least equal to the mitts' enhancement bonus.; Cost 800 gp (+2), 3,200 gp (+4), 7,200 gp (+6), 12,800 gp (+8), 20,000 gp (+10).; Activation: —; Weight: 0.5 lb.; Market Price: Varies

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