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Boxes of Orden: The Boxes of Orden are a set of three magical boxes that are linked to the magic of life.

The boxes have special jeweled covers, which hide the true nature of the actual boxes themselves. Completely black, not just black in color, but black as in devoid of light, they are usually described as 'sucking all light' out of a room. The three boxes all have different properties and purposes as well. Although all three look identical, they are different.

First, the potential player (or someone ready to perform the rituals for him) must obtain at least one box, then he can put them in play. This causes a whole string of magic webs to occur. When the boxes are put into play, the deadly snake vine will begin to grow throughout the world. After that, the player has exactly 1 year to open a box, or else the magic will claim their life. There can be more than one player. If there is a new player, all previous players will be notified of the fact, and start their year to open a box anew.

Opening the Boxes

Before a person can open a box, he must first remove its cover. The cover makes the box look golden, with jewels all over. After the cover is removed (which can be done by everyone, not only the player), the true box is revealed - a completely black color.

The boxes cannot simply be opened by a latch or a button, but rather with complex magic rituals. These rituals are as much mathematical as they are magical, many things must be measured and calculated to precision. Spells and formulae must be drawn within magic sand around the boxes to be properly opened.

The outcome of what happens when a box is opened depends on which one it is. There are three possibilities: one box will kill the player, one box will destroy all life in the world, and the third will grant the player ultimate power over all life. Opening the third box entails a choice, as the magic of Orden shifts with intent. You can use the magic of life to help others, or to rule others.

Instructions for removing the covers, opening the boxes, and determining which box is which is in the Book of Counted Shadows. Each box casts a certain number of shadows; the Book explains that the number of shadows determines the contents of the box.

However, it is later in the series revealed that several different versions of the Book of Counted Shadows exists. It is also revealed that these were written well after the creation of both the Sword of Truth and the Boxes of Orden as a measure to further protect the secrets surrounding the Boxes of Orden.

A Seeker who can turn the blade of the Sword of Truth white with its magic of love and forgiveness can open a box by impaling it with the Sword, bypassing the complex magical rituals outlined by the Book. The blade also helps them determine which box is which by turning black before the boxes that cause death and white before the box that grants ultimate command. In addition, this person cannot do so with hate in their heart, or they would be claimed by the power of Orden; the ancient wizards who created the power of Orden ensured that this fail safe would prevent an evil being becoming the master of all life.

The only known person who can open the boxes in this way is the Seeker.


Strong abjuration, conjuration, divination, enchantment, evocation, illusion, transmutation;CL Can not be re-created; Can not be re-created; Weight: Box One: 5lbs, Box Two and Three: 7lbs lb.

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