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Boots of the Wandering Spirit: The first pair of the boots of the wandering spirit were worn by Jaspin Quillbane, an assassin who took on the guise of a vengeful spirit. He would murder a noble in their bedchamber and walk out where all could see him, slowly turn his head to meet the gaze of guards, then suddenly disappear. He was thought to be a “wandering spirit” until one night when he accidentally flew into an eagle, tumbled to the ground on top of a guard, who then – grabbing his physical form – wrestled the boots off quite by accident as Jaspin attempted to fly away from the grasp. Always tie them tight.

A pair grants the wearer the ability to fly through the air as a with the spell Fly and toggle between being visible and invisible as with the spell Improved Invisibility. Both abilities are active whenever the wearer desires and for as long as the wearer desires.

The wearer, however, still makes sounds and must be quiet to remain undetectable by mundane means.

Strong illusion, transmutation;CL 4; Craft Wondrous Item, improved invisibility, fly; Cost 61,510 gp, 4920 XP, 123 days; Weight: 1 lb.; Market Price: 123,020 gp

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