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Manual of Survival: This item resembles a sturdy, leather bound book, its pages strewn with notes on survivalism and on tracking all manner of wildlife. The contents of the manual are magically made adaptive to respond within limits to the owner's current situation. After consulting the manual for 1d4 minutes at the start of every check, it bestows upon the user a competence bonus to Survival checks equal to the manual's enhancement bonus.

Weak divination;CL Varies; Craft Wondrous Item, detect animals or plants. Caster level must be at least equal to the manual's enhancement bonus.; Cost 800 gp (+2), 3,200 gp (+4), 7,200 gp (+6), 12,800 gp (+8), 20,000 gp (+10).; Activation: —; Weight: 1 lb. lb.; Market Price: Varies

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