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Elia Cube: The Elia cube is also known as the cube of creation. It allows the user to create items without needing materials for it. This does not decrease the time it takes to build an item or xp cost. Only one Elia cube can exist in at a time otherwise upon creation the oldest one will be destroyed creating an implosion exactly like a pouch of holding would.

The Elia cube can also temporarily polymorph into any weapon that the owner has touched as a free action. The weapon inherits all magical and psionic attributes the original weapon has. If the cube polymorphs into a bow, the wielder can conjure up any type of arrow they have used as a free action. These arrows last long enough to be effectively used in combat but not long enough to be traded for other goods. The Elia cube can not be used for crafting whilst in a form of a weapon. If the enhancements whilst in weapon form is to be lost, the cube permanently remains as a mundane weapon. As the Cube polymorphs into other weapons it's weight also changes corresponding to the form.

Strong transmutation;CL 7; SRD:True Creation,SRD:Craft Universal Item,SRD:Craft Wondrous Item,SRD:Craft Psionic Arms and Armor,SRD:Craft Magic Arms and Armor; Cost 110,000Gp; Weight: 1lb lb.; Market Price: -

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