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Magical Shopkeep Glasses: These librarian style glasses have yellow tinted lenses to them with a platinum frame and chain. The Magical Shopkeep Glasses were created by a great mage named Silverwig, with the aid of the Cleric Lina, who wanted to keep the magical items shops safe and aid in research.
Constant effects
Enables the wearer to read books, tombs, scrolls, and all other types of writing four times faster then normal while still gaining the benefits.
True Seeing
Detect Good
Detect Evil
Detect Chaos
Detect Law
Detect Magic
Use Activated Effects
3/day Identify as the spell
2/day cast Discern Lies

Moderate; (DC 21) Divination;CL 11th; Craft Wondrous Item, True Seeing, Detect Good, Detect Evil, Detect Chaos, Detect Law, Identify, Discern Lies; Cost 76,312 gp + 6105 exp; Activation: Continuous, Swift (see text); Weight: - lb.; Market Price: 152,625gp

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