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Soul Receptacle: This inky black crystal allows a necromancer to trap the souls of the dead for their own use. A character may only activate this item's special abilities if they know at least one necromancy spell which can be augmented with this item. Any time a necromancy spell requires a crystal priced for the target's HD as either a material component or focus, you may use this instead. If you use this to replace a material component, it is treated instead as a focus. This is priced normally if the spell would insert a soul into it, but it must be empty. Otherwise, it requires that a soul be stored inside of it, and is treated as having a high enough value to affect a number of HD equivalent to those of the stored soul, and the stored soul is destroyed upon use. Any souls stored inside of this because of a spell contribute to this effect, and can be used to reinforce a soul receptacle as described later. Whenever a creature dies within 50 feet of the owner of a soul receptacle, they may trap the soul of the dead creature inside the soul receptacle. This only prevents resurrection of the dead creature if the caster is a lower level than the owner of the soul receptacle was upon trapping the dead creature's soul. A soul receptacle may only trap the souls of creatures with 1 HD for every 10,000 gp the receptacle is worth. A trapped soul may be fused with the soul receptacle, increasing its value by 1,000 gp for every HD of the stored soul, and emptying the receptacle. When used as a Magic Jar, the caster of the jar may simultaneously store their own soul and the soul of another creature in the soul receptacle. When possessing a creature using Magic Jar focused with a soul receptacle, the caster may elect to end the spell prematurely, but keep the trapped soul inside of the receptacle. This gives the affected creature a second save to resist this effect. If this is done, the soulless body may be controlled by anyone in possession of the soul receptacle, as long as it contains the soul of the creature to be controlled in this method. If this is used as a focus for Magic Jar, it may be cast in conjunction with Permanency at the cost of 5,000 XP. The caster of a Magic Jar made permanent with this may possess their original body, similar to a creature with no will save.

Moderate (DC 20); Necromancy;CL 10; Craft Wondrous Item; Magic Jar (Player's Handbook); Weight: 1 lb.

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