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Long Range Televocal: Televocals are a way to communicate over a wide area. A televocal can broadcast to any similarly tuned televocal in its broadcast radius. A televocal can receive from any similarly tuned televocal as long as it is inside that televocal's broadcast radius. Televocals that are inside each other's broadcast radius work as real-time communication equipment. Televocals are usually constructed in sets. Anyone with Craft Wondrous Item can retune a televocal in one hour.

This gold horn allows broadcast to any similarly tuned Televocal on the same plane.

Moderate Divination;CL 7; Craft Wondrous Item, ventriloquism, whispering wind, scrying; Cost 28,000 gp + 2,250 XP; Market Price: 56,000 gp

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