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Golden Orb of Compulsion: The orb before you seems to be made of gold. You can see faint shimmers of orange dripping from it and flowing over the sides of the pedestal it stands on. You reach out and grab the extremely valuable orb, but as you do a sudden torrent of commands floods your mind, ordering you to protect the orb and eventually return it, among other things. You feel compelled and as you try to destroy it, you reel back from the orb, your head feeling as if wracked in pain. You have no choice but to obey the orb's wishes.

This 5 inch radius orb of pure gold holds a powerful enchantment within it. When attuned to the owner, the orb will only work for the person attuned to it until that person is killed or the orb is destroyed. Any creature that touches the orb instantly is assaulted by the extremely powerful geas held within. The details of the geas are chosen ahead of time and always include that the affected creature must protect the orb and, if moved, return it to where it was taken from. Details are independent of language.

The geas is refreshed every time the orb is touched and lasts 11 days otherwise. Multiple creatures may touch the orb and fall under the same geas. If the orb is destroyed the affected creatures are released from the geas. The person attuned to the orb may not fall under the effect of the geas and can change the details of the geas by simply holding the orb and focusing for 1 round. The geas of the orb is language independent and can affect mindless beings, simply commanding them as if under some appropriate form of commanding.

Creatures already under a form of mind-control or other binding are instantly freed from that binding if the caster level of the binder is less than 11. Otherwise, the creature is allowed a will save against the bindings if they so choose to break their original one. No matter what, though, the creature falls under the geas.

If the creature bound by the geas attempts to go against the geas they will take 1d6 damage every hour until it returns to attempting to fulfill the geas once again. This doesn't mean the creature can't rest, as long as its thoughts and actions are in the most part to fulfill the geas. Also, any attempt to destroy the orb by creatures affected by its geas results in searing, wracking pain that deals 6d6 damage every round and requires the unit to succeed on a DC 26 will save or not be able to harm it. Even if the creature succeeds the will save it must succeed a DC 26 Fortitude save or recoil from the orb with racking pains.

The orb naturally floats on its own 3 inches from surfaces, liquid or solid. This is to prevent damage to the orb from being thrown. Also, liquids that would destroy the orb are naturally repelled as if by a magnetic force.

A Greater Golden Orb of Compulsion provides even greater control over affected creatures. A creature under the compulsion of the orb are under effects similar to a dominate person spell when given a command by the person attuned to the orb or when within 300 feet of the soul of the person attuned to the orb. This effect applies to mindless creatures as well as living and the commands may be sent telepathically up to 100 feet away independent of language as long as the soul of the person attuned to the orb is within 30 feet of the orb.

Also, creatures affected by the orb may never harm the person attuned to the orb but may feint harm. They will instead actively attempt to prevent harm to the person attuned to the orb to the best of their ability but will not sacrifice themselves unless absolutely necessary.

There is no save provided unless being forced to take an action that completely goes against their wishes, such as killing a close friend or relative or sacrificing itself. They may make a DC 28 will save to ignore the command but may be commanded again. Each successive time the command is given reduces the will save DC by 4. By spending a standard action to focus on the command, though, you may enhance the compelling effect of the command increasing the DC by 8.

Note: The approximate amount of gold pieces required to create a 5 inch radius orb of pure gold is 18,254. This must be provided in addition to the other costs.

Strong DC 15 Compulsion;CL 11th; Craft Wondrous Item; Geas, Dominate Person; Cost 30,000 gp + 1200 xp, 10 days; Activation: See text; Weight: 10 lb.; Market Price: 20,000 gp

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